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I already thought of that this blog maybe wasn’t a good idea. I find it hard to be honest, and also my English doesn’t flow as well as my Swedish – though I was born in Canada and it’s my first language – having lived for over twenty years in Sweden. Anyway, a commitment is a commitment if only a day old and what’s a year anyway?

Raining and lightning here in Stockholm, baby sleeping on the balcony again. He’s two but I call him my baby. Probably will til the new one comes in December.

The other week I was at at sushi place. I’d ordered and then Julian woke up in his pram. So I went back to the till and said I needed a plate of toast.

“But you just ordered?” she said.

“It’s for the baby, he woke up.”

“Can the baby eat toast?!”

“Uh, well, he’s almost two.”

“Well then he’s not a baby”, she said. And that’s the first I’ve heard of him not being a baby. Felt like a milestone.

Ok so I guess you want pictures on the blog. Here’s the marsipan pacifier we made to put on his cake when we celebreated that he was 3 months old. Of course he couldn’t have any. I think he slept while we ate it. It was a cream cake with blueberries and marsipan – in the colours left over from his christening cake.



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This blog is going to be a year of my life – 365 days. Starting today.

At the moment I’m sitting in line at 90 200. The Swedish phone company which used to be state owned, and the queue is 17 min. Actually maybe it still is state owned. In any case they couldn’t help me. I wanted to change phone companies, but I have to wait 3 months for my old company Tele2 to let me go.

My son is sleeping on the balcony, he’ll be two in October and I plan to have his birthday party outdoors at the cabin like last year. For his first birthday we had Mumin theme. Mumin cake and games. I’m not sure about this year. His favourite animal is pigs so I was thinking about that maybe. But it would be easiest and more consistent to have Mumin theme every year. Then people know what to expect, and I don’t have to buy new decorations each year.

My husband is at the gym and when he gets back he’s going to work for the evening shift.

That’s all for today. I have other things to do before Julian wakes up. I want to finish the on-line university piano course I started six months ago, for example. And start a short story for Hemmets journal and UmeĆ„ short story contests. The two biggest competitions in Sweden.

I updated my homepage ingridwisell.se today with the article in Fagersta Posten local newspaper about my e-book.

Take care, see you tomorrow! Have a great day.

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