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These are the scissors I was talking about the other day, that come apart at the hinge. They’re meant to I guess cause they’re easy to put back together – not broken. But it’s irritating because it happens constantly. At least they’re all plastic and ok for 2 year olds.





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How to impress your two-year-old:

Make a ball. Role it under the palm of your hand. Role the worm – or just stop there if you don’t feel like making this too complicated. A worm is good. Be content with yourself. Parenting is no easy job and you’ve done your best. Or go on, role the worm up into a coil, leaving a bit out for the head of the snail. Bend the head up and divide the antennas using your nail. Form slightly after artistic feel – this part will be done best by those of you having a BA in Fine Art but the rest should be content they at least are better than the worm parents.

Well done! That’s all for planned parenting for today.

(Play-doh please contact me for bank details).

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