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These are the scissors I was talking about the other day, that come apart at the hinge. They’re meant to I guess cause they’re easy to put back together – not broken. But it’s irritating because it happens constantly. At least they’re all plastic and ok for 2 year olds.





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Baby is at the table, well he’s two but I call him baby. We gave him scissors the other day, not as child abuse but as in a pair of plastic ones from the toy store. From age three. If you try to cut things that are too thick with them they come apart at the hinge in the midle. Baby’s new game is throwing the scissors on the floor or hitting in on something so the hinge comes apart and then crying MAMA til I come and fix it.

Reality now in our home: MAMA

So I have to go. This is life at 7:17 in Stockholm this autumn morning.

Three minutes later he’s played with the xylophone, drawn, played with clay, and is now eating musli. I’m reading Camilla and the Horse, a novel by Danish author Christina Hesselholdt. Like a collection of interwoven short stories. Something to inspire my own short story writing. I sent in my latest to the UmeĆ„ short story contest, it’s annual and the largest in Sweden since 2008.

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