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At this rate it’ll take me a few years to cover 365 days … But I’ve been feeling nauseous again lately, week 28 now and apparently it’s not uncommon to get worse again towards the end. Eating zofran, since I’m diagnosed with hyperemises. Which they’re not that great at treating here since it’s fairly new and unknown to them (!?) though it’s been proven ages ago exists. Well anyway …

Good news is I’ve managed to buy a light bulb. Now that sounds like I’ve very low expectations of my own level of achievement, but really – they’ve stopped selling and outlawed “normal” lightbulbs in Sweden according to a new EU regulation. I’m not kidding. It’s to save energy/environment. So the new kinds are LED, Halogen or low-energi. And the old regular 60w are gone. After a bit of research in a lamp store I figured out that halogen 55w is the closest in appearance to the old 60w. They have the same colour of light and the halogen comes on immediately when you press the button. Which the low-energi does not.

This sign says OLD BULBS and then under the picture of the desired object, the name of the store in the remote area of Bromma, Stockholm. Bromma is a suburb, and this sign is spotted down town. Ha ha … But they do make awesome gifts these days.

I saw this sign at Odenplan, that’s not even close to Bromma. They expect people to travel across town to score old bulbs. It’s tough out there for those with old-bulb-addictions …




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